Friday, 8 November 2013

Need or Opportunity

The Idea for a food bag was created because of the need that the parents are too busy to go and shop for ingredients or they just could not think of a decent recipe to prepare so that is why Nadia Lim had the idea to create a food bag.
Developed Brief
I have researched and gathered 3 delicious, healthy and nutritious recipes for my 4 stakeholders whom are my family. After consulting with them I decided to making a breakfast meal kit. This kit will include all the ingredients required to make a spinach tart including Spinach, Onion and Tomato as the seasonal produce. I am going to garnish my dish with oregano which I have grown in the Dio Kitchen garden. It will also include a simple to follow recipe. The meal kit will come in under the budget of $15.00.

To help me develop my meal kit, I have done lots of trailing and testing. My 2nd trail was tested by Olivia Maxwell and she has given me some very helpful feedback like..

  • My presentation needs a little help.
  • My crust was not as crunchy as expected.
  • My meal was a little under cooked.
  • It would taste better with tomato chutney on the side

Developed Specifications

Using this feedback given to me I have made some new specifications like...

  • Must use seasonal produce.
  • Must use the oregano I have freshly grown in the Dio kitchen garden.
  • Must be my stakeholders choices:
    • Must be vegetarian.
    • Must not have Lentils.
    • Must be and Italian cuisine.
  • Must be breakfast.
  • Must cost $15.00 or less to create my meal kit.
  • Must be a healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Must feed my whole family.
  • Must be simple to prepare.
  • Must include a full recipe.
  • The Crust of my spinach tart meal kit must be crunchy
  • Must be presented well
  • must use tomato chutney

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Initial Specifications

  • Meal for own family
  • Must use seasonal produce
  • Must use at least one garnish grown in the dio kitchen garden
  • Full recipe must be included
  • Simple to prepare
  • healthy and delicious  

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluation 1st Trial Spinach Tart
My first trial did not go too well since it was my first time making a tart. My time management was not good because the oven over-pre-heated and my dish was under cooked. The taste was unexpectedly like an omelet and way too eggy. It looked amazing with the colours green and yellow. The cheese made made it very soft and the pastry made it crunchy. The flavour had too  much egg and it needs pasty. My dish succeeded in the taste and looks and it failed in the cleaning and time management part of my recipes.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Initial Brief

To create a mealkit using seasonal produce to feed my family

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Food Order Examples

Meat & Meat Products-
e.g. meat/ fish/ eggs/ poultry/ ham.                   500grams

Fruit & Vegetables-
e.g. fresh asparagus/ fresh beans/ 

frozen beans/ tinned whole kernel corn/                4 cups
 tinned creamed corn/ frozen corn.

Milk & Milk Products-
e.g. cheese/ milk/ yogurt/ sour cream/ soy.          3 cups

Breads & Cereals-
e.g. pastry/ bread buns/ bread/ wrap/            120 grams

panini/ flour.  

e.g. dried herbs/ cinnamon/ spices/                    8 cups

 salt/ pepper/ oil/ spray oil/ sugar.
My Stakeholders 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stakeholder analysis

·    Meal vegetarian Breakfast.
·    Favourite cuisine- Italian
·    Favourite green veggies are:
o  Peas
o  Spinach
o  Coriander
·    Veggie’s- cooked
·    Favourite spice-medium
·    Takeaway- subway

·    Dislikes

·     Eggs by themselves
·     Very buttery or oily things
·     Plain milk
·     Lentils
·     Non-veg

I am going to be making an Italian breakfast meal, which is going to be medium spice and vegetarian. I will make sure to add no chilies but some spicy side dish. I will add spinach and lots of veggies.